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4WRPEH6CB04L-2X/G24K0/F1M 4/4-way NG6 / CETOP 3 servo solenoid directional control valve, directly operated, with electrical position feedback and on-board electronics (OBE).  4 litres a minute. 7 Pin connection 4-20 Ma



4WRPEH are direct operated directional control valve with electrical position feedback and integrated electronics (OBE).



The 4WRPEH high-response valve mainly consists of:

  • Valve housing with control spool and sleeve in servo quality 
  • Control solenoid with position transducer 
  • On-board electronics (OBE) 

Shortcode: R901125451

Long Description Number: 4WRPEH6CB04L-2X/G24K0/F1M

Part Condition: New Valve. In-Stock

Warranty: 12 months.

Spec Sheet: Download Spec Sheet

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